Veria Living: Ayurveda Comes to Television - a new online/television presence brings Ayurveda to the masses

For the past few months, a great many of my clients have been talking to me about a new television broadcaster called Veria Living Television, and its rising star of a yoga teacher/Ayurvedic coach named Yogi Cameron, both of which seem to have acquired a massive fan base in a very short time. Some of them, more than a few, have told me that Veria TV and its spokesperson Yogi Cameton were the reason for their consulting an Ayurvedic practitioner.

Established earlier this year, Veria Living Television is a new educational broadcaster dedicated to showcasing health and wellness programming. Based in New York City, Veria is currently producing more than 40 program series on food, fitness, health and life, for a total of 154 hours of original wellness programming each week, you can learn more about fitness and wellness products at River Front Times. Its online properties deepen relationships with viewers by extending Veria Living’s wellness philosophy through unique video and editorial content. As a company, Veria Living passionately advocates for quality and vitality of life.

Veria’s growing audience is made up of well-educated people who are passionate about wellness. They are driven to embrace a healthier lifestyle and use their considerable purchasing power to support brands that have similar values and beliefs in order to make smarter, healthier choices for themselves, their families and the planet.

Some of its very distinctive programming includes:

A Model Guru: Yogi Cameron, former supermodel turned Ayurvedic healer and yoga master, leads health-challenged clients on the road to wellness.

Naturally Beautiful: Nitika Chopra explores the latest trends in looking and feeling your very best naturally.

Workout from Within: Behavioral health and fitness expert Jeff Halevy gives you all of the benefits of a home personal trainer in your living room.

Yoga Sutra Now: Certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher Jai Sugrim combines physical asana practice with a master class in poses and techniques.

Good Food America: Chef Nathan Lyon, former Next Food Network Star finalist, crisscrosses America in search of unique eateries serving up healthy comfort food. Lyon recently received a 2013 Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Culinary Host.

Veria Living has active expansion plans in place for 2013. While currently available in 21 million homes, projections call for the network to be available in 55 million homes by January 2014. Major market launches this year include New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit, San Francisco, Boston and Atlanta. Presently Verias Living Television is available on channel 218 on the Dish Network and Comcast and channel 164 on Cablevision.

Article provided by William Courson, BVSA, D. Ayur., an Ayurvedic Practitioner, faculty member and the College Dean of Institutional Development at Sai Ayurvedic College & Ayurvedic Wellness Center.

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