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    My experience at Sai Ayurvedic College of Miami was transforming. I am confident that I have been fully prepared to become a successful ayurvedic practitioner. I feel that my life commitment to Ayurveda through the fantastic teachings received at Sai helps reveal deeper levels of imbalance and therefore can help bring a person to their constitution where only balance is attained. I will further support the fact that benefits of ayurveda over allopathic medicine are the long term benefits to health we deserve.- Anay Abreu

    "I am fortunate to consider myself part of the SAI Ayurvedic College family. The staff is very professional and dedicated, always available to clear any doubts we might have. The fact that class meets one weekend a month makes it accessible to attend for those of us with full time jobs. As a Reiki master, I feel that Ayurveda compliments and enhances my possibilities in life. As a soon to be second year graduate of SAI I feel confident and look forward to helping others regain their health and balance. The intensive course in India is one of the biggest highlights of the experience at the SAI Ayurvedic College."- Aimee D.

    "I feel so fortunate to have found Sai Ayurvedic College. I was able to complete my Health and Wellness Certification while still working full time in another city. Traveling to India with my fellow classmates to continue my education while immersed in another culture was life changing. Cookie and her staff are truly passionate about providing a solid foundation for Ayurveda. The teachers are experts in their field and are generous and patient. They have the ability to transform unfamiliar topics in Sanskrit no less into concise relatable information. Thanks to Sai College, I feel prepared to embark on a career in Ayurveda. Thank you Sai!"- Sarah Gregory Back to Balance Ayurveda

    "I met Cookie and Armando Tello, the Directors of Sai Ayurvedic College, on a trip to Mount Shasta. Besides being in such a magical place, we all clicked as if we had known each other for years. When they would talk about the school you can tell in their voices and their face the admiration they feel for what has been accomplished. After reviewing their brochures I wanted to be part of that amazing energy. Now that I have completed my first year at Sai I can honestly tell you that people do come into your life for a reason. It has not been easy for me working full time, and with two teenagers at home to be able to go to class and study. In this first year I was able to broaden my knowledge. The staff at Sai was always there for me every step of the way. I am an esthetician and I have been able to offer my clientele an alternative to the traditional facial with the ayurvedic facial treatments. I Love what I do…."- Anai Esquivel

    "My decision to set aside a higher education in Nursing, was because, after researching many different schools of natural healing, Ayurveda was the answer to my scientific and holistic mind. I contacted the various schools for Ayurvedic studies from Northern and Southern California, through the Mid-west, East to New York, and South to my home town Miami. Each school had its pros and cons, but Sai Ayurveda seemed to cover the most complete and well rounded foundation for this wonderful method of wellness. I was not disappointed in the least. I have now completed my Associate Degree in Ayurveda including a certification in Panchakarma, the treatment portion of Ayurveda. I now feel as though I have a solid foundation for fully understanding the scientific chemistry between nature and man. Ayurveda is vast and with sincere thankfulness for Sai Ayurveda College I can take further steps in my work, in my studies, and advance within this beautiful order of health and healing. Who can I thank for this comprehensive form of study, our well informed and educated teachers that Sai provides, Dr Bapat, Bill Coursen and lets not leave out the team who had the vision and followed through for us here in Miami, Cookie Tello and Armando Tello. At Sai Ayurvedic College you will receive all that you need to begin a beautiful and lasting practice. Here you will receive a full and complete understanding of a foundation in a healing science in order to advance one’s studies if there is interest in obtaining the level of Doctor. You will not be disappointed at Sai Ayurveda College and Wellness Center. Any true education in medicine takes time, hard work and passion. Sai will provide all the tools, the power, and the love that will help you to maintain all three in order to complete such a comprehensive program successfully." - Lauri Rhyme

    "I first found out about Sai Ayurvedic College by attending a workshop they were offering. I found the workshop extremely informative and came back for a few more; then I was hooked on Ayurveda, the school and the entire faculty! Currently, I’m finishing up my 1st year at Sai and I’m looking forward to continuing my studies there and growing my knowledge of the Science of Ayurveda and becoming a Practitioner. The curriculum and course material is very well presented by seasoned and experienced faculty members in their field that are eager to share their knowledge with their students and the community. The Directors of the college Cookie & Armando Tello are always there to make sure that we have a positive experience and provide us with the best environment to learn and grown within Ayurveda. If you are looking to broaden your knowledge on Ayurveda whether it’s through taking the various workshops and seminars or enrolling for their 1 or 2 year program you will find that Sai Ayurvedic College offers you every opportunity to do so and excel! I highly recommend Sai Ayurvedic College!" - Beatrice Padron

    “I feel fortunate that my studies of yoga & traditional medicine have led me to a program of advanced studies at the SAI Ayurvedic College of Miami. The faculty is impressive, the scope of instruction broad, weekend class schedules adaptable to working people, and the administration understanding and flexible to student needs. Best of all is the spirit of proper yogic intention held by the administration and faculty, which makes the experience most pleasant and rewarding.” - Ed Zachowski

    "I feel very blessed to have been able to attend the first year program at SAI Ayurvedic College in Miami. It has been a tremendous learning experience for me in my personal and professional life. My work as a Physician Assistant has been greatly enhanced by the knowledge I received in this program and I am happy to report that my patients repeatedly verbalize their appreciation for the "holistic approach" to "western medicine" they receive under my care. I plan to continue my training in Ayurveda and to let the experience and knowledge continue to enhance the lives of myself and my patients and clients. Thank you, also for the incredible learning experience I received during the trip to India and the program we attended in Kerala. This was an unforgettable "hands on" intensive program where we were able to learn Panchakarma from the "fountain of knowledge" in Kerala, India. I would recommend this program to any individual or health care professional interested in enhancing their lives and their practice/work in every possible way." - Kim Sheldon, PA-C

    "My coworker and I were searching for holistic treatment center on Google and I came across Sai Ayurvedic Wellness Center. I called to make an appointment for an Abhyanga massage. As I am on the phone, my coworker saw they offered classes. She told me that I need to consider taking classes so I can learn how to heal myself. Of course I was hesitant. After calling about 10 times, asking questions, Cookie was so patient and courteous with me. I decided a few days before the 2nd class to sign up for classes. I never regret my decision. I have learned so much the last 6 months; the teachers are dedicated and make themselves available for questions or concerns the students may have. Sai Ayurvedic College is very dedicated to their students’ needs. I have 2 degrees and I have never gotten the support from faculty members as I do at Sai Ayurvedic College. Thanks to Sai Ayurvedic College, I have developed a new passion for Ayurveda." - Suzanne Samaroo

    "I am so happy that I found and enrolled in SAI Ayurvedic College of Miami. This is definitely the best Ayurvedic College in the Eastern corridor! The faculty members are internationally recognized scholars and teachers who also have extensive practical experience both in India & the US; the administration is professional, very well organized and responsive to the needs of its students; and the one- weekend per month format makes the experience accessible for those who have other full-time commitments. If you want depth, authenticity and quality SAI Ayurvedic College of Miami is the place to go!" - Jasmin Rodriguez

    "Sai Ayurveda has incredible teachers & staff who care about the proper education of each & every student. They go above and beyond making sure all information is understood & learned correctly to the traditional Ayurveda science. Having teachers who have gotten their degree in Ayurveda from India makes the information authentic to this incredible science." - Julie Comer

    "As a western trained allopathic physician I always felt there was something missing in the way western societies care for health. At Sai Ayurvedic College I found the resources to formaly train in Ayurveda and incorporate into my life's work a modality which I feel is very much in tune with nature's plan. Sai Ayurvedic College has shown to be dedicated to the promotion and advancement of ethical and quality Ayurveda in our community. Their knowledgable and friendly faculty and staff have made my experience all the better. The study of Ayurveda is not exclusive to those individuals with a background in the health field or those who seek to become an Ayurvedic Practitioner, you can also study Ayurveda (a science for a long and healthy life) to improve your overall wellness and that of your loved ones. Thank you all at Sai for this wonderful opportunity …it's been a great ride!" - W. Castro, MD

    "Coming to the end our our first year at Sai Ayurvedic College, I have found the program to be thorough and enthralling. The faculty are deeply knowledgeable, completely engaged, readily available and most important to me, they are living an Ayurvedic lifestyle and are a shining example of what this sacred art and science is about. I look forward to continuing my studies in the second year and completing a Masters in Ayurveda. I feel Sai is able to prepare me for a strong career as an Ayurvedic Practitioner." - Denise B. Lapides, E-RYT 500, IKYTA Level II - Owner, Divine Light Yoga School Cambridge, MA

    “I am fortunate to be a student of Sai Ayurvedic College to learn Vedic Wisdom. All of the Faculty members are "Gems". I always felt at home at the College. Thank you.” - Lakshmi Garikepati

  • Wellness Testimonials

    "Diagnosed with diabetes in 2005 by conventional doctors. After making some changes on my lifestyle and following a diet low in carbohydrates, sugar and exercising regularly, I was able to control the diabetes with no pills, but in 2008 I knew I had achieved all I could with that regimen. My sugar level was not within a normal range yet, the cholesterol and triglycerides were not within the ideal range either for a diabetic person. Still suffering with many symptoms, in my opinion at that time, related to this disorder and reluctant to take any medication, I decided to try an alternative medicine. I heard about Ayurveda from a friend who suggested me to give it a try to learn how to eat according to my particular organism. I consulted with Dr. Aparna Bapat on November 17, 2008 who didn’t agree my problem or diagnosis was diabetes. To my surprise, she didn’t ask for any medical history or performed any test. She just taught me how to eat healthy according to my physical constitution, Pitta/Vata. I had a really imbalanced Vata & Pitta. I remembered she said my Vata felt as a leave of a tree shaking very racy/superficial and the heat was really aggravated/high. She didn’t treat me as a diabetic person; basically she diagnosed me with hormonal imbalance, congested colon and kidneys, circulation and lymphatic problems, etc. On December 6, 2008 just 3 weeks after beginning the ayurvedic treatment, the improvement was noticeable. The majority of symptoms had improved considerably or had been eliminated: less – almost nil headaches. I was alert, my mind clear like I hadn’t been in years. Presently (2011) I keep a diet according to my dosha, I keep exercising, doing breathing exercises and yoga nidra meditation. I’m totally balanced and free of any symptoms." - Rosa De La Cruz

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