Description & costs for each workshop offered

1. Introduction to Sanskrit (Mandatory Student Workshop)

Sanskrit is the beautiful and expressive language of ancient India that dates back to the Vedic period. Sanskrit is the language of the four Vedas, the various Upanishadic texts, and countless philosophical and spiritual scriptures of the time. Most importantly, Ayurvedic main texts (Samhitas) are written in Sanskrit. The rich body of Sanskrit literature also includes drama and poetry in addition to scientific, religious, technical and philosophical texts.

This workshop course offers a basic introduction to the Sanskrit language, including the Devanagari alphabet, some very basic grammar, and advice on how to use a Sanskrit dictionary. The emphasis in this workshop will be on the technical use of Medical Sanskrit. Sanskrit will be taught in a direct, interactive method. Participants learn the language in a fun filled environment and will be able to converse in very simple Sanskrit by the end
of the workshop as well as have a degree of familiarity with technical Sanskrit terms and phrases used in Ayurveda.

This will be a mandatory workshop for all students entering our programs on or after April 2012. There is no additional cost for this workshop for Sai Ayurvedic students that are currently enrolled in the program which is covered in the program's tuition. Please attain checkout code given to current students for entry to the workshop by the college Director.

US$125 for General Public. No cost for current students at Sai Ayurvedic College (please enter code at checkout).
This price includes course manual
20 hours for Sai Ayurvedic College students currently enrolled.

2. Foundations of Vedic Gem, Crystal & Color Healing

Join ayurvedic practitioner and Sai Ayurvedic College faculty member William Courson for an in-depth exploration of this ancient dimension of the healing arts. Study includes:

• The History of Gem Therapy
• Mechanism & Theory of Gemstone Healing
• Therapeutic Grade Gemstones
• Basic Vedic Astrology For Non-Astrologers
• Potential Gemstone Remedies
• Attributes of Planetary Gemstones
• Gemstones & Semiprecious Substitutes
• Gem Conflicts
• Gem & Uparatna Size And Quality
• Method of Wearing Gemstones
• Ayurvedic Use Of Gemstones
• A Beginner’s Materia Medica Of Gemstones
• Illustrative Disorders & Recommended Gemstones

"The rays of the celestial bodies, striking the crystallizing influences of the lower world, become the various elements. Partaking of the astral virtues of their source, these elements neutralize certain unbalanced forms of celestial activity and, when properly combined, contribute much to the well-being of man." - Many Hall

US$200 which also includes the course manual
(Approved for 5 Hours Continuing Education, Florida Board of Massage Therapy)

3. Biochemic Medicine: The Schuessler Cell Salt Remedies

Biochemical tissue salts (or cell salts) are natural preparations which have a wide range of uses. They are essentially minerals prepared in a minute, energetic, biochemical form. Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler of Oldenburg in Germany, a leading biochemist, physicist and homeopath of his time, believed that for any medicinal treatment to be effective, it should be directed towards the cell itself. Schuessler maintained that disease manifests when a deficiency of certain minerals in the body reaches critical levels, and so he developed the 12 tissue-salt remedies to balance the deficiencies. Furthermore, there is a link between the resonance and frequency of the 12 tissue salts and our chakras, meridians and our mental states of being and emotions. This training will provide a basic understanding of the theory and practical applications of the system of Schuessler Cell Salt Therapy, also known as Biochemic Medicine. A detailed discussion of the Schuessler salts as topical applications in massage therapy and bodywork is included.

US$150 which also includes course materials
(Approved by the Florida State Board of Massage Therapy Examiners for 5 CEU hours Continuing Education credit)