Live Web Conferencing

Sai Ayurvedic College now makes its programs available online for students outside of the South Florida area. With the aid of web conferencing technology, we bring our classrooms and instructors into your home and you into the classroom without regard to your location, whether in the United States or abroad. This will allow you to fully participate in the class and exchange discussions with your teachers and classmates.

The many advantages of our distance education programs include learning conveniently from your own location, avoiding the inconvenience and expense of travel to the College, saving travel time, and allowing you to concentrate on your education rather than commutation.

Our high-end web conferencing system fully and faithfully replicates the classroom environment and allows for your full participation in classes which are broadcast in real time, as they take place, with student-instructor interactivity greatly enhanced. Additionally, class broadcasts are recorded and available for re-viewing by students.

Web conferencing students are welcomed into the classroom for any module of the program they choose to be present for, but must notify the administration of the College at least one month before their planned visit.

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