Facts About Our New Online Program

Are you ready to prepare for a new career in the rapidly expanding realm of alternative health care? Do you want to earn a respected, valued credential in Ayurveda from a USA-based institution to augment and validate your previous studies? Individuals wishing to advance their education and training through Sai Ayurvedic College now have 3 alternative means of doing so: Sai Ayurvedic College’s programs can be completed either via classroom attendance, via attendance at live, real-time webcast classes or via our new distance learning online study program utilizing recorded video lectures that can be viewed at the student’s convenience.

Sai Ayurvedic College offers the most comprehensive, affordable, high academic quality training program of its kind available in the realm of online distance learning. Begin your studies at any time and learn at your own pace in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Apply online to get started today! We support your self-study with ongoing and intensive interaction with your instructor(s) e-mail and telephone contact, available at all times. Truly, although this is a distance study program, you will be made to feel yourself part of the school from the day you begin your studies. And, unlike most other programs, it is a "zero residence" program that can be completed online in its entirety.

With our new online master of science in civil engineering program, students can view recorded classes at any time, any place, in line with their convenience and time availability. Our faculty and administration has substantially replicated the first year Ayurvedic classroom program so that it is available conveniently online, appealing to students with family and work obligations who cannot set aside a weekend monthly for classroom or webcast attendance. The same high level of interactivity and student-teacher contact that are the hallmarks of our other programs are maintained in our distance learning online program.

Students in the online program may complete their studies in 9 months or more (a minimum of 9 months is required and there is no maximum upper time limit. From time to time, optional onsite workshops and short practicums may be offered at additional cost, but these are not a requirement for completion of the program or for graduation.

How is Sai Ayurvedic College’s online program different? You're not lost in the crowd. Our instructors and staff are there to encourage you every step of the way to achieve your educational goals. Classes work around your schedule and your availability.

You may be juggling a demanding work schedule and family obligations: we can help you develop good online learning habits that help you fit school into your daily life.

Similar to our first year residential and webcast program, classes consist of the following:

  • AY 101: Ayurvedic Philosophy and Foundations (Tarka, Sankhya and Siddhant)
  • AY 102: Ayurvedic Anatomy & Physiology I (Sharir Vignyan)
  • AY 103: Ayurvedic Anatomy & Physiology II (Sharir Vignyan)
  • AY 104: Ayurvedic Psychology (Manasa Vignyan)
  • AY 105: Ayurvedic Nutrition & Food Science (Ahara Vignyan)
  • AY 106: Ayurvedic Herbology I (Dravya Guna Vignyan)
  • AY 107: Ayurvedic Prevention Science (Swastha Vritta)
  • AY 108: Ayurvedic Pathology (Roga Nidan/ Vikruti Vignyan)
  • AY 109: Ayurvedic Constitutional and Pulse Evaluation (Pareeksham)
  • AY 110: Ayurvedic Detoxification Program I (Panchakarma I)
  • AY 111: Ayurvedic Management of Common Disorders
  • AY 112: Ayurvedic Colloquium (incl. Ayurvedic Practice Management & Ethics)

Upon completion of the foregoing and a final examination, the student is awarded our Certificate in Ayurvedic Studies and may be considered for admission into the second year of the College’s program (offered in classroom and webcast only at present) leading to a practitioner-level degree in Ayurveda.

Without supplemental training and/or experience, this program will not qualify the graduate for professional practitioner membership in the National Ayurvedic Medical Association.

Students who have successfully completed the distance learning based, independent study Certificate in Ayurvedic Studies program may be considered for admission to the second year of Sai Ayurvedic College’s practitioner training at the discretion of the Director. While this admission is automatic for graduates of the first year classroom and webcast programs, owing to varying extracurricular requirements graduates of the distance learning program must be interviewed by the Director or his/her appointee and satisfactorily complete a competency examination (which is administered at no cost), as well as meet any other requirements for admission to the second year that the Director may specify.

Call 305-380-0652 or e-mail info@saiayurvediccollege.com for more information.

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