Learning Modules

Individuals wishing to advance their education and training through Sai Ayurvedic College have 3 alternative means of doing so: Sai Ayurvedic College’s programs can be completed either via classroom attendance, attendance at live webcast classes or via distance learning online study.

In Classroom Training

Live Web Conferencing

Distance Learning


In addition to its training programs for ayurvedic practitioners, Sai Ayurvedic College offers many specialized workshops, seminars and other learning opportunities, all designed to help you, your family and friends (and if you are a professional practitioner, your clients) to experience the rewards of optimal health, well-being and longevity. If you are interested in select topics within the realm of health and healing, Sai Ayurvedic College offers an array of specialized workshops, short courses and seminar programs in a wide spectrum of topics with a specialized focus, including (among others) hatha yoga and meditation, Western herbal medicine, flower essence remedies, tissue/cell salts therapy, nutrition, Vedic astrology and gemstone and crystal healing. At Sai Ayurvedic College, one has a peerless opportunity to explore these topics with experienced teachers and clinicians.