Advanced Ayurvedic Studies in India

Each year, the College provides its students an opportunity to augment their classroom training with an internship at an ayurvedic institution in India offering instruction at the hands of master teachers and clinicians of wide experience.

This yearly offering allows students access to ayurvedic out-patient clinics and hospitals where in supervised practice settings they observe and participate in actual client intake consultations and a variety of evaluative, treatment and aftercare procedures.

The program consists of 2, 3, or 4 weeks offered at our affiliated institution.

After an initial review of pertinent basic science and clinical disciplines, participants interact with clients presenting a wide range of acute and chronic health challenges, honing their skills in a real-world setting under the guidance of ayurvedic professionals of international renown.

(Note: Students unable to participate in the program’s India segment will be required to obtain practical training with mentors located in United States. This practical training must first be approved by our college Director. This training can also be obtained at the college clinic under the supervision of a practitioner).

This practical training consists of an intensive exposure to the practice of ayurveda in both out-patient and in-patient hospital settings, allowing the student to develop an advanced level of proficiency in evaluation, examination and history-taking, treatment planning, therapeutic approach to and counseling of patients evincing specific disease conditions.

In order to participate in this optional program (at additional cost) students must have successfully completed the first year of their training at Sai Ayurvedic College or at an approved NAMA institution (approved only by Sai Ayurvedic College Director).

(Please note: All program details are subject to change without notification.)